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Observing Stars In The Desert


Observing Stars In The Desert

Green house hostel’s tours section invites you to a desert tour to Maranjab desert with very experienced and expert group of drivers, it is our most popular departing tour from Kashan and it is perfect for those who want to discover the deep Dasht_e_Kavir desert and  see the incredible nature with visiting camels . The tour is rich in scenery, You will never be bored as you will be busy admiring one scene after another. The dramatic landscape change is amazing: From the beautiful sand dunes, to the amazing salt lake,Especially visiting the scenery of sunset in salt lake and sunrise in the sand dunes.
The tour usually starts by discovering the underground city in Noshabad with a beautiful old clay castle continuing with super nice holy shrine if Aran va Bidgol city and sightseeing of sand dunes , salt lake and caravansary.

Beside that you can experience fantastic camel trekking and Sand boarding full of fun.

You can enjoy with 2 type of tour

  • Overnight Tour
  • Half Day Tour
Overnight trip to desert provides you with transportation , accommodation, breakfast and dinner.
Staying overnight can be in Caravansary or amazing memorable desert camp under the beautiful sky to have a awesome view of sky and desert at night.
by the way there are two types  for desert tour organization for you as a half day trip which can be a morning desert tour or evening for around 6 hours or overnight trip starting in the evening and ending up the day after (same places for both type )

Join us to make a highlight of your time in Iran